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Switchmaster R6000 4U view
          R6000 Series
Switchmaster R5000 2U view

          R5000 Series
Switchmaster XK5000 2U view

          XK5000 Series
Switchmaster R7400 4U view
          R7400 Series
D1000 series view
   D1000 Series

  hdbase-t diagram 1

For critical applications a CAT6 physical layer switch can be locally or remotely controlled to individually switch
 HDBaseT links from a failed primary source to a backup source, or simultaneously switch all sources.

  hdbase-t diagram 2

Use a physical layer CAT6 switch to select which source information to send over the HDBaseT link to the display,
 and to isolate the unselected source.

  hdbase-t diagram 3

SwitchMaster gang switches or Data DeadBolt D1000 switches allow you to provide power over the HDBaseT link
 to the selected POH capable display, and keep the unselected displays powered OFF.

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