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We work for YOU.

    We believe that your time is more important than ours. Our telephone menu has not changed; we still don't have one. You will hear a recorded greeting during business hours only when all other lines are busy. Your call will be returned in minutes, not hours when you leave a message. Quotations are returned the same day whenever possible.
    Our engineers can often tell you immediately whether our products will solve your application and they can help you specify the most cost-efficient custom solution when you want one. We will not try to sell something to you that you don't need.
    We are the people who greet your call and we design and manufacture the products that you see here. We and our representatives welcome the opportunity to serve you as we serve our customers in the best known organizations in the world. We develop and produce hardware solutions that add security and reliability to networks and systems in aerospace, banking, transportation, communications, data management, trading and many more organizations.
    Please contact our representatives or us when you need our products or services. You may be surprised to find that the efficiency of the human touch is still here to serve you in the tradition of excellence that has been built on reliable performance - the true measure of high quality.
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA: The traditional foundry of strategic innovation. Carnegie, Heinz and Westinghouse built three of hundreds of world-leading enterprises rooted in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the home of research leaders in network security, robotics and organ transplantation. Advanced materials and machines, instruments and services come from Pittsburgh and raise the quality of life everywhere. Pittsburgh's contributions to security began as Fort Pitt in 1758 and continue today through Carnegie-Mellon's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). Pittsburgh is an American home to the tradition of personal craftsmanship inherited from pioneers who came from many other nations to pursue technical excellence and cultural advancement. The region was the location of the first college west of the rugged Allegheny mountains and is home to leading universities today. It is called the Steel City for its worldwide fame as the crucible of the strategic metal that supplied the industrial revolution. No one is ever surprised to learn that the latest scientific and commercial advances come from Pittsburgh or that its cultural icons are internationally respected.

Please accept our invitation to learn more about our city where these legacies are nurtured and revered.

Pittsburgh Technology Council
Pittsburgh History
Pittsburgh Culture
    These are some of the organizations that have selected our products:
NASA · IBM · Boeing · ABC News · ABB · Tandberg TV · European Space Agency · intel · Federal Reserve Board · Florida Power& Light · All United States Military Services · Federal Aviation Administration · Siemens · GTE · Metropolitan Museum of Art · Oak Ridge National Laboratory · NBC Studios · Ansel Adams Gallery · Compaq · General Dynamics · Honeywell · ITT Industries · L-3 Communications · Sandia National Laboratory · Alstom  

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