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Protect your network and your enterprise from havoc caused by faulty software:
Install the Switchmaster® XK5000 Network Kill Switch now.

Switchmaster XK5000 front and rear
SwitchMaster® XK5000 Network Kill Switch  

Shut down haywire automated electronic trading programs or malfunctioning network server cards that clog the LAN with garbage traffic instantly, and control the damage using Kill Switches and Network Access Control Switches.

Market Central's XK5000 Kill Switch has been optimized for trading floor and data center environments. It can disconnect any mix of up to 32 fiber optic and Cat6 Ethernet connections with fast manual control, remotely via a serial console or Ethernet device. The Kill switch packs 32 ports into a dense 2U rackmount chassis. Daisy-chain additional units together to create a system capable of managing thousands of connections. XK5000 ultra-low power requirements add virtually no load to your power and cooling systems and its hardware based latching switch circuitry is as reliable as the cable connections themselves.

When a computer system goes out of control you need to pull the plug quickly. A simple toggle switch will disconnect one to thousands of connections at a time. Or, remotely disconnect the errant devices using SNMP, telnet, web browser or the included SwitchCenter ®
graphics-based GUI application. Once your technical team has discovered and corrected the problem you can re-connect the trading desks or other systems just as quickly and easily as you cut them off.
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Market Central's switches:

Unlike software based solutions there is no possibility of hacking into data through control connections.

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