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SecureSwitch® micro-mirror fiber optic Air-Gap switches

All SecureSwitch®Fiber Optic Switch Models Are Internationally Certified at EAL4+

 The only DISA Approved, Common Criteria certified and TEMPEST Evaluated Optical Switches

SecureSwitch® Rev A A/B/C Switches, multimode, manual control
SecureSwitch® Rev B A/B/C Switches, multimode, manual and remote control
SecureSwitch® Rev C A/OFF/C Switches multimode, manual and remote control
SecureSwitch® Rev D A/B/C Switches Singlemode, manual and remote control

new product imageSecureSwitch® n:1 Switch devices
  •  1:1 thru 8:1 rackmount and desktop, singlemode and multimode models
  •  Common Criteria Certified for switchiing between networks of different classifications
  •  improved internal self-diagnostices
  •  eliminates need to cascade multiple revision B switches when switching between 4 or more networks
  •  Same all-optical Reflect to ConnectTM technology of the original SecureSwitch products

SecureSwitch government validated switch

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