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     ...and thank you for your interest in Market Central and our layer 1 switch products. Many thousands of our fiber optic and wire A/B switches operate continuously in crucial networks and systems around the world. They add reliability and security at the physical layer where the electrical and optical connections are made. Our customers rely on our standard and custom fiber optic and wire switches for the security and reliability of hardware, - engineered and manufactured here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  USA.

new product image SwitchMaster® XK5000 Network Kill Switch Please see our Switch Selection Guide
new product image SwitchMaster® R7400 4U Multiport Gang Switch new product image Secure/NonSecure LED Sign
new product image SwitchMaster® R6150 1U A/B Switching System new product image A/C Power Delay Switch

SecureSwitch government validated switch Switchmaster Gang AB Switches

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